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Welcome to our resources page. here you will find templates that you can use within your business to help with your digital marketing, as well as our Customer Lifetime Value eBook.

Here at New Path Digital we are big believers in giving back to the community through charity. For every resource downloaded from our website, we donate $2 to charity. At the moment we are supporting the Australian Red Cross.

Use this tool to plan out your content each month. It will give you structure and take away the stress of always having to think of something at the last minute.

Content Calendar

Use our Persona template to understand who your customers are. Bring them to life, so you know who to target in your marketing.

Customer Persona Template

Use our Customer Journey Map template to understand the path your prospects and customers go through when buying from you. Identify their goals and pain points, so you can be the solution to their problems.

Customer journey map template

Use this survey template to find out what your customers think of your product/service and your business.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is the one metric all businesses should be tracking. Use this guide to understand what CLV is, why it is important and what your business needs to do to attract and keep loyal customers.

Customer Lifetime Value eBook

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