Congrats on completing the Lifetime Value scorecard. You have just taken the first step in getting better results from marketing your business.

We have emailed you a detailed report with recommendations tailored to your business.

This report shows where you are on track and where you need to improve to increase sales and the Lifetime Value of your customers.

It’s not unusual to be doing well in some of the areas but have work to do in others. In the report you will find tips you can use now to improve your sales and customer retention through marketing.

Some common mistakes we see small businesses making are:

  • Thinking Social Media and a Website are enough to create customer awareness and engagement.
  • Not picking a target group of customers – trying to appeal to everyone
  • Not using a variety in content topics or format – for example no video, everything about products
  • Not investing in time in marketing – it is a low priority, throwing together some social posts and an email when they can
  • Not investing money in marketing – thinking because it is on the internet they can get by with all the free and DIY stuff that’s available
  • Not using data to group (segment) customers and create personalised communication and offers – using a one size fits all approach.
  • Not automating customer communications using sales and marketing tools
  • Doing loads of online courses and videos, but not implementing what they learn!

If any of these sound familiar to you, read the report in your email and create a plan for getting better results from marketing and increasing the Lifetime Value of your customers.

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