digital marketing plan

With so many options when it comes to digital marketing – Google, Facebook, Instagram, Email, Website – it’s hard to know where to focus or even where to start.

At New Path Digital we create Digital Marketing Plans for small and medium sized businesses.

We help businesses who have no digital marketing get started. We also help those with the basics in place get more from them.

It isn’t enough to put up a website or a Facebook page and think your Digital Marketing job is done.

Why not schedule in a 30 minute strategy call with us to find out if our marketing plan might be of benefit to you? 

Who is this for?

Who is this not for?

Our steps to creating a Digital Marketing Plan

1. Audit

What do you have now? How it is performing?

Including Data, Technology, Content and Touchpoints (eg Search, Social Media, Website and Email). We look at the whole picture of your digital marketing.

2. Target Customers

Who is your ideal customer?

This makes it easier to know where to find them and what to say to them. We create a persona of your ideal customer.

3. Priority Channels

Which Channels deliver value to your business?

You can’t be everywhere – unless you have A LOT of money to spend. Focus on the channels that are essential for your customers.

4. Content Plan

What topics should you cover? What format? How often?

Consistency is key in things like Facebook, Instagram and Email. A content plan gives structure to topics, formats (video, photo, blog etc) and frequency.

5. Targets and Reporting

How do you know your efforts are working?

We identify the key metrics for each channel and set benchmarks.

6. Implemention

How are you are going to do this?

A plan is no good if it sits in the bottom drawer! We can work out the best way to get this up and running in your business. Who needs to do what, when and how much it should cost.

Take your next steps to a brighter digital future!

STEP 1: Schedule in a 30 minute strategy call with us where we discuss your key issues and what you are trying to achieve. You can then decide to go ahead or say thanks, but no thanks.

STEP 2: If you decide to go ahead with the Digital Marketing plan we send you an information gathering  questionnaire, carry out our own research and put together your personalised digital marketing plan.

STEP 3: We give you a call to run through what we have outlined in the plan and how you can best implement it to reach your goals.