Are You Maximising the Lifetime Value of Your Customers?

The one statistic small businesses must track is the Lifetime Value of their customers – how much money they bring to your business over the long run. It’s why we do marketing. It is also why marketing is confusing and overwhelming – there is so much to do to keep customers coming back and buying more.

Our Lifetime Value Test pinpoints the areas where you are on track and where you need to improve to increase sales and the Lifetime Value of your customers. Answer 30 questions and receive an email with recommendations tailored to your business.

Online metrics like Clicks and Traffic have their place, but the real indicator of success in business are sales and the Lifetime Value of your customers. Are people spending more or less with you over time?

The question is – what is your marketing plan to increase the Lifetime Value of your customers? How will you use marketing to help them spend more with you?

Answer 30 Yes/No questions

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To increase Lifetime Value there are 6 areas of marketing to master:

When you are proactively managing these things, you will maximise the Lifetime Value of your customers and see business growth.

How do you stack up in each of these areas?

Answer 30 questions to find out your Lifetime Value score and create a marketing plan for increasing the Lifetime Value of your customers.