Customer Lifetime Value

6 Things Your Business Needs to Attract and Keep Loyal Customers

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With the explosion of devices, technology and internet access, power has shifted away from business to consumers. We are in the Age of the Consumer.

Small business owners face several problems in this digital world.

  • They experience increased competition both online and offline.
  • Their digital marketing is not delivering the results they expect.
  • They are overwhelmed by the technology and systems required to run their business these days.

Many are asking themselves – how can I survive in the online world?

It used to be enough to build a website and post in Facebook/Instagram. This is no longer enough. The fundamentals have changed.

To survive in the digital world, small business owners need to:

  1. Understand how customers find them, buy from them and then recommend them.
  2. Be present where customers are, both online and offline.
  3. Publish engaging content.
  4. Treat data as an asset.
  5. Use technology and systems to create efficiencies.
  6. Need to have the right team in place.

If you are a small business owner who is overwhelmed by digital marketing, this ebook will help you understand how to increase the Lifetime Value of your customers, so you thrive, rather than die, in the online world.

In this eBook you will discover:

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