Now we are looking at things like Facebook, Instagram and Google. These are called touchpoints, or channels or platforms. It all means the same thing, it is the places people can find your information and your content.

Once you get into this, you will be amazed at the number of different ways a person can interact with you and your business and how it changes throughout the sales process. From all the online places, including your website and emails, to offline things like your shopfront, packaging etc. All have a role to play in getting people to buy from you.

Once you have a clear picture of all the different places a customer “sees” your business, then you can evaluate if they are working together and creating the right impression for your business, all the way through the customer journey.

It is also good to remember, touchpoints represent you when you are not physically there with your customers. A nice piece of packaging or an easy to navigate website, will create good feelings and emotions with your customers, whereas a crappy experience may mean they never buy from you again.

Touchpoints Questionnaire Online - Link to complete touchpoints survey online.