Data, when used to its full advantage, can be a secret weapon in small business.

Data is the reason Facebook, Google and Amazon have been so successful. Data is the reason big retailers have their loyalty programs.

Once you start looking at the data you have in your business and using it to understand your customers, you will be amazed at the impact on your bottom line.

If you are not a numbers person, and get a bit nervous or a bit overwhelmed when thinking about it, it isn’t like high school maths! There is no algebra involved. Data in marketing is just information you have about your customers – their name, where they live, their email address, what they have bought from you. It all helps to paint a picture of how best to get people to buy, then buy again.

If you’ve got a really loyal customer, and you want to send them an exclusive offer, then you need data to do that – so you can find them and just let them know about the offer, not everyone in your database. Similarly, if you want to do home delivery to people who are within a certain radius of your shop, then you need data about where people live, so you only send the message to the people who live close enough.

This is where data comes into its own, in being able to segment and create personalised, or targeted, offers and communication, based on what you know about your customers.

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