Customer Profile


A customer profile (sometimes called a persona or niche) is a description of the people your business sells to. It includes things like their age, gender, income, job, social media habits, motivations.

By creating one of these, it helps you understand your customers as people and the best way to reach them with marketing.

There are very few businesses who sell to “everyone”. Most businesses have a specific group of people they target. If you think you are a business who sells to everyone, I challenge to think a bit deeper about the people you are most likely to attract to your business.

A couple of examples:

Online betting – targets men 30-50. The people in their advertising fall in this range, the language they use appeal to this group.

Kmart – sells to a lot of people, but their advertising targets budget conscious families.

Knowing who you are targeting is important when it comes to digital advertising on Google and Facebook. On these platforms, you can be super specific in terms of who sees your ad. For example, on Facebook you can choose who sees your advertising based on gender, location, interests, profession – there are many characteristics to choose from. If you don’t know who you want to see your ads, then you risk paying a lot more for advertising than you need to.

Customer Profile Questionnaire Online - Link to complete survey online.