Customer Journey Map


Once you are clear on who your target customer is, it is time to understand the journey they take when buying your product.

A customer journey map visualises the end-to-end experience customers have through your the sales process.

A customer journey map is different from a sales funnel because it considers the experience from the customer’s point of view, it takes into consideration what they are thinking, how they are feeling, what is hard, or pain point when buying your product.

To create this useful tool, we break the sales process down into 4 parts

  • Find – when people first hear about your business/products
  • Buy – when they make their first purchase with you
  • Buy Again – when they make their second, third, fourth etc purchase
  • Recommend – when they tell their family and friends how great you are

Once you complete this exercise, I guarantee you will have some ideas about how to improve your marketing and better ways to engage your customers.

When doing this exercise, keep in the back of your mind – how can I be the easiest place to do business with? What is hard for my customers? What stops them from moving through the sales process?

Customer Journey Questionnaire Online - Link to complete survey online.