Content is information. It is the information you share with the world about you and your business.

To be clear, content is not Facebook and Google – they are touchpoints. Content is photos, videos, words that is published in those places, on your website and other places. And different content is needed at different parts of the customer journey.

When thinking about content, there are 3 Fs to consider:

  • Function
  • Format
  • Frequency

Function – what is the purpose of the content? Why are you sharing this information?

Format – what is the best way to get the message across? Video, photo, infographic, how-to guide, FAQs etc

Frequency – how does content need to be published/updated/refreshed?

In this part of the audit, we are trying to understand if you have enough variety in your content or do you rely on the same thing over and over again? We are also looking to see if you have the basics covered in terms of website content which helps with SEO.

Content Questionnaire Online - Link to complete content survey online.