Deloitte, and financial consulting firm, has published a report through their Access Economics publication indicating that companies that expend more effort in the digital engagement part of marketing will see large returns of investment. A digital engagement strategy can use a website to find new customers, reach a wider audience, sell and book online, and automate many time-consuming parts of operations. One method to invest in digital engagement is through the use of the ASBAS Digital Solutions program which can consults on the key points of building an online presence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using digital marketing gets notoriety about your business to a larger audience.
  • By using computer software in your business, you can streamline numerous tasks, allowing more time for productivity.
  • Tracking productivity, inventory, sales, and overall profitability of your business can easily be controlled with the right software.

“Embracing new digital technologies and tools can save you time, help you find new customers, become more efficient and, thereby, get ahead of your competitors.”

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