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Top three small-business technology predictions for 2020

Small businesses are having a much easier go with it as far as technology is concerned. What they need for their business can now be specifically tailored for exactly what they need to deliver the right experience. There are no affordable tools that allow smaller businesses to have big amounts of data without having to pay a lot of money for the same information that a larger business could be having. Plenty of places use the cloud and it’s now easier than ever for small businesses to use it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pundits predict that 2020 will be a year in which more small business entities make use of the cloud.
  • It will also be a year in which smaller companies curate their own tool set
  • With choice in every realm getting wider and wider, it’s not strange that customers are choosy about their technology picks.

“Thanks to the cloud, tech providers can now offer flexible, affordable systems that can deliver on the benefits of traditional software without the cumbersome installation process or massive upfront payments.”

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