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Retailers rely on e-commerce as store networks shut down

As businesses continue to shut down because of the corona virus, their online channels remain open for businesses so that consumers can continue to purchase from them. For this reason they are focused solely on just their online presence for the time being. There is a business that reached their record in online sales recently because of the closures. There is still the threat of loss when it comes when it comes to having to close the brick and mortar store, but there is at least one channel that can remain open.

Key Takeaways:

  • Businesses’ online channels remain open for business in a bid to reduce the cost of doing business while complying with public health measures.
  • Many retailers are suspending brick-and-mortar operations and focusing solely on e-commerce.
  • Some businesses are investing increasing amounts of funds and resources into development of their e-commerce channels

“As the spread of COVID-19 has continued unabated over the past few weeks, more and more retailers are looking at voluntary store lock downs to protect staff and consumers.”

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