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Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer, who they are, what makes them tick, but more importantly what they need and want is key to marketing success.
1. I know the typical demographics of my customers (their age, gender, location).
2. I have created profiles for my main customer groups.
3. I know my customers' pain points (what annoys them and where they need help).
4. I regularly ask my customers for feedback via surveys.
5. I use different advertising/marketing for different customer groups.
1 out of 6

Understand Their Journey

Understanding how customers go through the sales process - how they find you, buy from you and recommend you - uncovers opportunities for improvement and sales growth.
6. I have calculated the Lifetime Value of my customers.
7. I know what my customers are thinking and doing at each stage of the buying process and I have this in a customer journey map.
8. I have automated emails/SMSs being sent to my customers after they purchase
9. I ask my customers to provide reviews on Facebook and Google.
10. I have a process to contact customers who haven't bought in a while (lapsed customers).
2 out of 6

Create Relevant Content

Content is the information you share with customers. It is crucial to creating an ongoing relationship with them. Without content there is no marketing!
11. I know the questions my customers ask and have them as FAQs on my website.
12. I have written blogs or recorded videos about my customers pain points and FAQs.
13. I plan my content in advance each month using a content calendar.
14. I know the purpose of each piece of content I publish - why I am sharing this with my customers.
15. I know how to influence my SEO results through content.
3 out of 6

Use Multiple Touchpoints

A touchpoint is any place a customer (or prospect) comes in contact with your business or brand online or offline. It can be before, during, or after they purchase. Some people call them channels.
16. I know all the places (online and offline) my customers interact with my business.
17. I use a mix of online and offline touchpoints to connect with my customers.
18. I know the social media channels my customers are using.
19. I regularly email my customers with personalised news and offers.
20. I advertise on digital channels - Google, Facebook, Instagram.
4 out of 6

Collect Useful Data

Data is often the differentiator for success in marketing these days. Use data well and it will directly impact your sales results.
21. I collect the demographic data (age, gender, address) of my customers.
22. I collect behavioural data on my customers (likes, clicks, shares, purchases).
23. I make business decisions based on data.
24. I know what data is saved in my systems. For example, sales system, CRM system, etc.
25. I use the data in my Sales and CRM systems to segment my customers into groups.
5 out of 6

Automate Using Systems

Technology isnt going away. Systems are designed to make life easy. Use systems to automate repetitive business processes and customer communications.
26. I have an online sales and/or CRM system.
27. I understand and use all the functionality available in my systems.
28. My sales and CRM systems are linked and update each other automatically.
29. I have a system for ecommerce and I am selling online.
30. I am comfortable with technology and systems.
6 out of 6

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