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How to Improve Ecommerce Customer Service in 2020 (and Watch Customer Loyalty Skyrocket)

Customers have all said that they would much rather have a great customer service experience over everything else. Having poor customer service is a great way to get your customers looking elsewhere for the same product or service they could be getting from you. Instead of having customer service in a brick and mortar store, e commerce takes place online. It is much more important to monitor tone when delivering messages online because messages can easily be misunderstood.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customer service is there to ensure each customer received the value they expect, most especially when mistakes happen.
  • Online businesses have unique customer service challenges because interactions by default are not face to face.
  • It’s best to offer an array of customer service channels, including online chat, email, messaging and telephone service.

“Ecommerce customer service provides a strategy and framework for providing an excellent shopping experience on your online store. That strategy should encompass where and how you deliver that support, expectations for speed of response time, and how customer support agents can rectify customer issues.”

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