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How COVID-19 has impacted online retail sales so far

So far the retailers that have suffered as a result of the virus have been retailers that sell high quality items. Items you would normally wear out in public during a social setting. The hoarders have made those stores where you purchase things like toilet paper have remarkable sales so far this month in comparison to last month. Retail stores that sell clothing and perfume, for example, are probably going to have a hard time recovering from the loss in sales.

Key Takeaways:

  • Preliminary data suggests in these still early days of the pandemic the retail winners have been those sellers of items that stockpile desirables.
  • By similar logic, those purveyors of social products and items generally used in groups and in public are the retail losers, thus far.
  • For retailers, considering what to do about infection-spread in warehouses is critical, as warehouse work can not be handled remote!y.

“In these crazy times, we are all concerned about the health of our families and staff, especially those at high risk, such as frail parents and grandparents.”

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