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E-commerce businesses band together to survive coronavirus

With the advent of the Coronavirus on the worlds’economies, many companies are struggling both on and off-line in the onslaught of reduced sales and supply chain disruptions. In Australia, online retailers have collaborated to weather this economic storm. Using a common work collaboration software, Slack, a group of retailers has traded stories, advice, and news on nature of business during the pandemic. Many stores report plummeting sales and new requirements of hygiene and are grateful for the group of like-minded retailers for support.

Key Takeaways:

  • Australia’s online retailers have banded together in a virtual ‘war room’ to share ideas and offer support in the face of the escalating coronavirus pandemic.
  • A Slack group started by Adore Beauty co-founder Kate Morris just over a week ago now has more than 180 participants.
  • Through the group chat, some businesses that are seeing surges in demand have actually hired staff from businesses that have seen their sales deteriorate.

“The toughest question businesses are facing right now is whether they can afford to keep their staff.”

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