Save Your Retail Business.

Accelerate Your Online Sales.

Digital Marketing Webinar for Bricks and Mortar Businesses

Accelerate Online Sales

At the end of this session you will know how to:

  • Increase Web Traffic
  • Sell More Online
  • Love Data and Tech

The Webinar Starts in …


People are stuck at home and they’re bored. Their eyeballs are online. Learn how to get them looking at you, your website, your social media and your emails.

When the Government stimulus hits bank accounts, people will spend and they will do more online shopping than ever before.

But it takes more than Facebook and a website to be successful at digital marketing. Learn how data and technology can be your secret weapon.

Is This You?

No Foot Traffic

We don’t have to explain this. The world has changed. People have stopped going out and they won’t be back for a while

Low Online Sales

Online sales was a nice to have, now it’s the lifeblood of your business.

Not Tech Savvy

You could get away with not knowing much about advertising online before, but the gig is up. You have to learn this stuff NOW to survive.

For Bricks and Mortar Small Businesses

The Lifetime Value Method


Know your customer – Follow their journey
People have high expectations when it comes to service and experiences. You have to deeply understand them and their needs to be able to sell to them.


Provide relevant content- Use multiple touchpoints
With so many places to communicate with people and so much information to share, knowing the best way to connect is crucial.


Collect useful data – Use efficient systems
Technology is supposed to make life easier, especially in business. Use data and systems to personalise and automate your marketing.

Presented By

Anne Neilan

  • 15 years industry experience with Coca-Cola Amatil, Danone, Virgin Money
  • Successfully launched multiple online stores
  • Increased online sales, moving offline customers to online
  • Managed an online store selling baby formula through a supply crisis
  • Improved social media and email marketing engagement for small brick and mortar businesses.

"Anne talks to you in English so that you can actually understand what she is talking about. She cuts the tech out and makes it basic, simple and easy to understand. Marketing is another scary word for SME's but Anne explains it so that it's no longer a frightening subject"

Jaythene Hiscock, Sparks Shoes

Bonus: Get a Free Copy of My customer lifetime value ebook

6 Things Your Business Needs to Attract and Keep Loyal Customers.

  1. Understand how customers find them, buy from them and then recommend them.
  2. Be present where customers are, both online and offline.
  3. Publish engaging content.
  4. Treat data as an asset.
  5. Use technology and systems to create efficiencies.
  6. Need to have the right team in place.

“Digital Marketing is more than just a website and a Facebook page” – Anne Neilan


This is an online webinar. Simply register and we will send you a link to join the webinar when it goes live.


8pm-9pm Wednesday 22nd April

Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

What You Get

No nonsense, no jargon hour of free digital training. Practical tips on how to get your digital marketing sorted so you are ready for the new ways people will shop (i.e. online).

Now is the time to take action so you’re ready when your customers are willing and able to spend again.