We are a boutique digital marketing agency with over 20 years experience working in and with large and small businesses.

Anne Neilan

Anne has spent the last 15 years of her life helping large and small businesses increase sales and keep customers loyal through digital marketing.

She cuts through the jargon and confusion to give small business owners a clear plan on how to use digital marketing to get more sales into their business.

She has successfully started and looked after multi-million dollar online shops.

After several years in big corporate organisations, Anne loves working with the owners of small, independent businesses. Helping them get more profit, more consistent revenue and more happy customers who keep coming back month after month, year after year.

When she isn’t helping small businesses with their digital marketing, Anne is the communications manager for her local netball club – she just can’t get enough of websites, social media and emails!

Anne Neilan
Damien Neilan

Damien neilan

Damien has spent the last 14 years increasing the website traffic of businesses large and small.

From the local plumber and shoe store to Weight Watchers and Health Direct, Damien knows how to find new customers for any business.

He is our SEO, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics guru.

Damien’s first job was in market research. He knows what makes people tick. He knows how to use data to understand why people do what they do. If your digital marketing isn’t working – he will work out why.

A proud Irishman, when he isn’t supporting small businesses grow their sales and website traffic, he is supporting the Irish Rugby Team, the Irish soccer team, Irish golfers, etc etc etc.

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