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Making Digital Marketing Easy for Small Business.

Digital Marketing - Using Technology to be More Human

For small business owners, competition is everywhere – online, offline, down the road, overseas.

Being online and using digital marketing is essential for any small business to stay afloat.

But the advantages a small business has to offer; personalised service, the human touch – are hard to offer over the internet.

This is where Digital Marketing comes into play. Digital marketing uses technology to be more human.

But Digital Marketing is more than Facebook and a Website. It’s Facebook, Instagram, SEO, Paid Search, Email, SMS, Websites, Chat. It is complicated and confusing.

For time poor small business owners, it’s hard to keep on top of it all, to know what to prioritise. A scatter gun approach is what usually happens.

We work with small business owners to get organised in their digital marketing. To work out what’s important in getting more sales and keep customers loyal. To be confident their digital marketing is working. We make digital marketing easy for small business.

Introducing - The Lifetime Value Method

The Lifetime Value Method is about keeping customers for life.  Selling more, to more people, for longer.  

Lifetime Value measures the TOTAL VALUE a customer brings to your business over time. It is the total amount they ever spend with you. 

The 3 Parts of the Lifetime Value Method are:

Understand know who your Customers are and their Journey to a purchase. 

Connect – use relevant content and a variety of   touchpoints to engage with customers in meaningful ways. 

Personalise – use data and systems to send the right message to the right person at the right time. 

If you are ready to get more sales and keep your customers loyal, let’s talk about how we can work together. 

What other people say about working with us

"Anne cuts the tech out and makes it basic, simple and easy to understand. MARKETING is another scary word for SME's but Anne explains it so that it's no longer a frightening subject."
Jaythene Hiscock
Sparks Shoes
"Anne and Damien are local knowledgeable and just great people to deal with. They really understand social media and I would highly recommend them."
Richard Zalm
"If you’re looking for someone with a care factor and a VERY obvious passion for best results selling to a specific niche, you won’t regret hiring Anne."
Barry Nicolaou
Success Stategist

Lifetime Value Test

Are you ready to sell more? Can you keep your customers loyal? The Lifetime Value test shows where you are strong and where you can improve to increase the Lifetime Value of your customers.

You will see how you’re performing when it comes to Understanding your customers, Connecting with them and Personalising their experience.

Complete the test to receive a detailed report, customised for your business, sent to your inbox.

Lifetime Value Masterclass

Digital marketing can be confusing and overwhelming for a small business owner. 

In this no-nonsense, jargonfree hour of training, you will get practical tips on how to get more sales and keep customers loyal using digital marketing.  

You will come away with a list of things you can change now to get results and be confident your digital marketing is working. 

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