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We are a Digital Marketing Agency who works with small and medium sized businesses.

We help you increase the Lifetime Value of your customers.

We use your data and technology to increase leads and reduce churn.

what we do

Customer Lifetime Value

One of the most important metrics for any business and the key to what we do here at New Path Digital. We look at your data, systems and technology, content, touchpoints and customer journey to create a strategy to increase lifetime value and ultimately your profits.

Systems and Technology

All businesses use technology and systems. They are designed to make life easier. We work with you to understand the full functionality of what your systems can do, not just how you use them today. We help you get the most out of systems plus automate your marketing, so you get time back to focus on other things.


Facebook, Google, your website, email, brochures, phone calls – it feels endless the number of places you need to be to interact with your customers. Each one is important as they represent you when you are not physically present. We help you understand the role each touchpoint plays in your customer’s journey. We audit your touchpoints, set benchmarks for performance and identify the new touchpoints you might need.


Data is the information you have on your customers. It’s power is in the insights you gain from it to grow your business. At New Path Digital we help you understand the data you have and the data you need. We create segments in your data to improve your marketing effectiveness.


Content is King – or so they say. Without content your customers don’t know who you are or what you offer them. But we know, creating content on a regular basis is hard work. We help you understand the content you have and the content you need. We work with you on a content plan, so that you’re regularly creating and publishing content and it isn’t a drain on your budget or time.

Customer Journey

The Consumer Journey is a representation of the path customer’s take from first finding out about you, to trusting you, buying from you and finally telling their family and friends how great you are. We help you understand the journey customers take with your business. We identify the places you can improve conversion and suggest ways to do this.

Anne has the ability to dissect the customer journey down to a fine art. Her specific talent lies in identifying and uncovering the customer type then isolating a specific online/off-line approach and strategy to best communicate to this customer. If you’re looking for someone with a care factor and a VERY obvious passion for best results selling to a specific niche, you won’t regret hiring Anne
Barry NicolaoU
#1 Best Selling Author and Success Strategist

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